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How to Take Care Of Old LP Vinyl Records and 78 RPM Records
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1. First and foremost store your LP Vinyls in a dust free enviornment.
2. Clean them regularly,preferably once a month
3. Cleaning can be done manually or by a LP Vinyl cleaning Machine.
4. For Manual Cleaning use a soft brush. Best is to use a proper LP Vinyl cleaning brush, but if not available then you can use a soft shaving brush.
4. After brushing the dust from the LP vinyl Record, you can clean it with a gentle cleaning liquid.
5. Do not use ordinary tap water or alcohol. They can harm your precious LPs. Best is to use LP cleaning kit or else you can use liquid used to clean lenses and optical glasses. You can also use distilled water.
6. Do not use soap water, as it will erode the grooves and also leave a residue in the grooves.
7. After Cleaning, put them back in the inner Sleeves. If the inner sleeves have worn out, then change them. But use proper non static soft sleeves. Inner Sleeves are the clothes in which your LP rest for their life time. So give them the best.
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